Bursting with New Years Resolutions Activity & Bulletin Board Idea

New Years Writing Activity and Bulletin Board

The new year offers a chance to wipe the slate clean and start fresh with a new perspective! If you're looking for a fun opportunity to get your kiddos engaged in the goal-making process after winter break, this bubble gum themed New Years resolution activity is sure to be right up your alley (and their's too!).

*Please excuse the horrible quality of the photo above! We hope you'll still be able to get the gist!

Bubble Gum Photo Shoot

We suggest completing this first part of the activity several days before putting the whole craft together so that you have time to get the pictures printed and ready to go. The gist, get close-up photos of each student pretending to blow a bubble. [NOTE: Since they're close-ups you won't need a special background. Just make sure you have plenty of light so your pictures don't turn out as dark as the example!] All that's left then is to make 5x7 black and white prints of the pictures.

Bursting with New Years Resolutions!

Start by having students fill out their resolutions sheet. If needed, discuss as a class example resolutions that students might make at home and at school, as well as personal goals they might set for extracurricular activities, for their health, etc. Once they've filled in their worksheets, provide students with their photo and a balloon, inviting them to fill the balloon with a little air and tape it to their picture. The result; students look like they're blowing a bubble!

These projects, especially when colorful page borders and other bright accents are added, would make an excellent January bulletin board!

Bursting with New Years Resolutions Activity & Bulletin Board Idea


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