"This Is How 'iRing' In The New Year" Printable Activity & Bulletin Board Idea

New Years Writing Printable

How fun is this new years eve activity?! We love the play on words (and the nod to technology!), the fact that it offers a glimpse into the various traditions students and their families take part in during the holiday, and the idea that students take time to think about the coming year and write about several goals they'd like to work toward! Not to mention, this would make a great January bulletin board idea!

To complete the activity...

Print the iPad template onto black construction paper. [NOTE: Because the lines aren't super thick, you might have to have your students trace over them with a black permanent marker.] For sturdiness, print the activity sheets, one for each student, onto white card stock and have your students take time to fill them out using markers, colored pencils, colorful gel pens, etc. Once filled out, have students cut the page out and glue it to the construction paper iPad shape.

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