"We 'Witch' You A Happy Halloween!" Bulletin Board Idea

Witch Themed Halloween Craft and Bulletin Board Idea

Have you seen this super cute handprint witch craft floating around Pinterest!?

Halloween Handprint Witch Craft for Kids

Designed by Michelle over at Crafty Morning, we just knew the finished crafts would make an adorable and festive bulletin board this Halloween!

We 'Witch' You A Happy Halloween!

  • Background: Purple bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "We 'Witch' You A Happy Halloween!"
  • Border: We used two patterned trimmers in complimentary colors - black and orange - to create a layered look.
  • Decoration: 1) The Silhouettes. While you want the main focus of your board to be your kiddos' crafts, adding some interest with Halloween themed silhouettes - a black cat, witch's broom, cauldron, etc. - will create more design dimension. To create the silhouettes, we recommend finding clip art images that can be enlarged using your classroom projector system and traced onto black bulletin board paper. 2) The Witch Crafts. Your students will do most of the work here, but to add more visual interest, mount the dried crafts onto colored paper (or even Halloween themed scrapbook paper).