iPad Back To School Bulletin Board Idea

Elementary, Middle School, and High School Technology Back to School Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: Nancy Wasserman

We received this fabulous bulletin board idea from Nancy Wasserman, fourth grade teacher at Kadima elementary. We know this isn't technically "back-to-school" season, but we couldn't resist! In the era of social media, smart phones, and "apps", the iPad themed design is sure to be a hit in anyclassroom! Not just for back-to-school, but throughout the year too...

  • Using student pictures for the apps, create job title labels and pin them to the proper student picture to assign classroom jobs.
  • Creating a subject-specific iPad {i.e. a 'sciPad' for Science, etc.}, post a new app icon containing a pertinent diagram, related picture, or scripted definition after each important concept has been covered as a review board of sorts.
  • Change the iPad display monthly, posting icons of important classroom due dates/events, etc.
    Technology Classroom Management Bulletin Board Idea
    Example apps for October...

{Optional} iPad Application Activity

To go with her back-to-school bulletin board, Ms. Wasserman had her students use their time in the computer lab to design their own application and icon, explaining what their invented application would be used for/why they created it. This activity offers a great mix of technology, creativity, and writing practice!

Technology and Writing Bulletin Board and Lesson Plan
Photo Source: Nancy Wasserman

iPad Back to School Bulletin Board

  • Background: Red bulletin board paper {or the paper color of your choice}.
  • Title: "_____________ [Fourth Grade, Mrs. Nelson's Class, Room 203, etc.]... This Is Going To Be An "App"ealing Year of Learning!"
  • Border: Colorful pattern border.
  • Decoration: Cut a large rectangle with rounded corners from a piece of black bulletin board paper. Create a smaller rounded rectangle from gray or light blue background paper, mounting this in the center of the black rectangle cutout to look like an iPad.
    Technology Back To School Bulletin Board Idea
    Example iPad cutout
    From card stock or construction paper in assorted colors, cut squares with rounded corners, mounting a student photo onto each, and adding a name label. These will be the colored "app" icons. Arrange the icons on the iPad "screen". Nancy added other detailing to her iPad cutout as well - the time, a battery level monitor, a power button, and the device title {'iKad' a play on the name of her school, Kadima!}. Add detailing as desired.

Supplies for this bulletin board...

Thanks so much for submitting this awesome bulletin board idea, Nancy! *          *          * We love seeing the creative ideas of our readers! If you have bulletin boards you'd like to submit, we'd love to see them and feature you! Send them to the following email address: bbideas {at} mpmwebworks {dot} com