Fang'tastic Dracula Door Display!

Halloween Door Display and Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: Lauren >>> Kay |

Seriously, how fun is this Dracula door display?! Inspired by other designs found around the web, Lauren and her sister came up with this cute way to spice up the kindergarten hallway for Halloween! And we love that, while simple, the design packs a visual punch that is sure to get everybody in the mood for the upcoming holiday! {Isn't the contrast of the brightly colored/patterned bow tie against the black and white background design cool?}

'Fang'tastic Dracula Door Display

Start by covering the top two-thirds of the door with white bulletin board paper. Cut a piece of black bulletin board paper to cover the bottom third of the door, using scissors to shape the top edge where Dracula's 'body' meets his 'head'. Cut a second, smaller piece of black bulletin board paper to attach to the top of the board, once again using scissors to shape the piece. This time, shape the bottom edge to create Dracula's 'hair'. With the background finished, add detailing using bulletin board and/or construction paper - eyes, a mouth (with vampire incisors, of course!), buttons for Dracula's coat, and a colorful bow tie!

The design is simple, but the finished product is sure to be appreciated by students and staff alike!

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