Spooky Owl Moonscape Fall & Halloween Bulletin Board Idea

Oil Pastel Tree Moon and Owl Fall Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: thevirtualvine.com | Cindy

This spectacular owl moonscape featured by Cindy, teacher and creator of the early childhood teaching resource site The Virtual Vine, captures the dynamic (and sometimes spooky!) themes of the fall season! While designed as a simple decorative display for autumn, this board could also be used as an attendance board - the owl cutouts, decorated with student names and pictures, could feature magnet or Velcro strips that allow students to "sign in" each morning by moving their owl to the roosting tree, the board entitled "Look Whoo's Here Today!"

Spooky Owl Moonscape Board

  • Background: Dark blue or black bulletin board paper.
  • Title: As a decorative display, the designer did not add a title. If using as an attendance board, consider "Look Whoo's Here Today!"
  • Border: Solid orange trimmer.
  • Decoration: 1) The Tree. The (very talented!) creator of this bulletin board decoration used oil pastels and advanced shading techniques to create this tree. If this seems daunting, consider creating a simpler tree with brown construction paper or brown bulletin board paper. Either use an overhead projector to enlarge and trace the shape of a basket onto the paper or, if you don’t want to mess with a projector, you can freehand it. It isn’t terribly difficult. 2) The Night Sky. Again, the bulletin board designer used oil pastels to create the brilliant moon, but you can certainly use plain yellow construction paper or yellow background paper. To add a twinkle to the sky, place small silver star stickers around the tree and board. 3) The Leaves. Create a simple leaf template from card stock, using it to trace and cut leaves from construction paper in fall colors (e.g. red, orange, yellow, and brown). 'Scatter' these around the base of the tree.

While the design seems simple, we think this bulletin board display would make a spectacular addition to your classroom this fall! At the very least, you should place it in your inspiration folder for next year!

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