Witch's Brew - Halloween Bulletin Board Inspiration

{Mary Ann Mulroe, librarian at Heritage Middle School in Lansing, IL submitted several fantastic Halloween themed bulletin boards via our "Contact Us" page. Be sure to put these designs in your inspiration folder for next year as the creative twists on traditional Halloween themes and vibrant color schemes are sure to make your classroom decor the best of the hall!}

October Halloween Bulletin Board IdeaAnyone for witch's brew? The dynamic Halloween color scheme {we just LOVE the purple, lime green and orange}, ominous green bubbles and smoke of the brew, and creative design make this a fantastic bulletin board for any classroom - early ed through high school!

  • Use it to remind students of projects, reports, and assignments during the month of October.
  • Create a review board for your October unit of study, inviting students to add a new bubble featuring an interesting fact or concept each day.
  • Give your classroom helper bulletin board a spooky 'face lift' using a smaller version of this design.

Or, of course, you can use it to tell students, staff, and parents about important events going on in your school like Mary Ann did! Here's what she wrote with her submission:

"Here are several photos of the bulletin board I designed for our annual Family Literacy Night which is around Halloween. The bubbles coming out of the cauldrons featured the events for the evening, including date, time, treats, book fair, family pictures, etc. Hope these will be of help to someone. I had fun doing them!"

"What's Brewing?" Bulletin Board

  • Background: Purple bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "What's Brewing?" - The title will change with the purpose of your board.
  • Border: None needed.
  • Decoration: 1) The Cauldrons. Draw or trace {using an image found online and your classroom projector system} a large cauldron onto black bulletin board paper. If you're replicating Mary Ann's board, use this to trace and cut two more cauldrons, then add a bit of light detailing to the rim and side of the cauldrons using white chalk. Cut several lime green ovals to place at the top of the pots. Use a silver paint pen to create the illusion that the witch's brew is 'swirling'. Freehand, trace, or print labels for each cauldron {these will depend on what type of board you're creating}, outlining them with the same silver paint pen to help them blend in with the 'brew'. From the same lime green paper, cut different size 'bubbles' as well as several smoke curls to place around the top of each pot. Next, focus on the bottom of each cauldron, creating logs with brown construction paper and brown markers, then flames using orange, red, and yellow construction paper or card stock.witch's brew cauldron bulletin board idea2) The Spooky Creatures. Add a bit of extra 'spooky' fun to your board with construction paper Halloween creature cutouts. Draw or print several spider and bat templates to trace onto black construction paper. Create a large yellow sun and gray clouds to compliment the bat cutouts and use a permanent marker to draw a spider web for the spider cutouts.

This bulletin board display is über creative and we think it will make the perfect decoration for your classroom next Halloween! Thanks again to Mary Ann Mulroe for submitting her fantastic design!

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