"No Bones About It..." Halloween Bulletin Board Idea

Skeleton Craft for Kids and Halloween Bulletin Board Idea

We've said this before, but (luckily) that doesn't make it any less true; even though it might take a bit of time to get the supplies together and complete the project, having your kiddos create the elements for your bulletin board not only provides a fun themed activity that's a nice break from the norm, it also makes decorating a snap! This simple Halloween decor idea features adorable kid-made q-tip skeletons and a cutesy play on words - two ingredients for a festive display! [No bones about it!]

No Bones About It, Our Kiddos Are the Best!

  • Background: Black bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "No Bones About It, Our Kiddos Are The Best!"
  • Border: We're loving layered looks lately and paired a Halloween themed trimmer with a bold patterned border!
  • Decoration: Have your kiddos make q-tip skeletons, mount the finished projects onto colored construction paper, and arrange the crafts around the board. Easy peasy, right!? The crafts are super simple. You'll need to gather black and white construction paper, q-tips, scissors, ribbon, and craft glue. [NOTE: For younger crafters, q-tips should be pre-cut!] You can find directions for skeleton assembly over at Artists Helping Children, along with printable skulls! Finish off the crafts with ribbon bows for the girl skeletons and bow ties for the boy skeletons, and you're all set!