Snazzy Spider Halloween Classroom Door Decoration

Glitter Spider Web Halloween Door Decoration

With such a large canvas inside the classroom I sometimes fail to remember that the outside door and hallway are just as important to plan for! If you're looking for something simple (i.e. kid created so that you don't have to do all the work!), that will also pack a punch for the holidays, here's a snazzy Halloween door decoration from kindergarten teacher Cherie Farinola!

Spider Web Crafts

All you'll need to create these beautiful holiday crafts are black sheets of card stock or construction paper, white crayons, Elmer's® school glue, and craft glitter in assorted colors. As Cherie writes, have students draw webs with the crayons, trace with glue, and cover with glitter. Super simple! As your students are creating, you can discuss symmetry and fun facts about the spider!

NOTE: For less mess, consider using actual glitter glue pens. It provides a similar shimmer effect, but won't coat your floor with small 'unsweepable' glitter pieces for the next six months!

Spider Web Door Decor

  • Background: Fadeless orange bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "Happy Halloween!", "Have A Spooktacular Halloween!", or "_____________ (e.g. Mrs. Nelson's Class, Preschool, etc.) is Caught Up in Halloween Fun!". Farinola used a black permanent marker to pen the message directly onto the orange background paper, but you could use normal trace and cut letters also!
  • Border: Farinola created a spider web in each corner with a black permanent marker. You could also create these from black yarn or construction paper or add a Halloween themed trimmer instead.
  • The Decoration: 1) The Spider. String up a plastic spider toy, purchase a large spider cutout, or create a spider from card stock and cover it with fine black glitter. 2) The Spider Webs. Use your students' stunning creations!

For such a simple design, this dynamic door decoration will add just the right amount of color and flair to your classroom this Halloween!

We'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas so leave us a comment below!

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