Welcome To Our Pumpkin Patch! Fall & Halloween Bulletin Board Idea

Pumpkin and Scarecrow Fall Bulletin Board Idea

Perfect for fall or Halloween this vibrant scarecrow bulletin board will add color to your classroom, provide a place to display student seasonal crafts, and create a sense of excitement for the changing of seasons and the upcoming holidays!

Pumpkin Crafts

Here are a few craft ideas to get your board started:

  • Provide students with a paper plate, a shallow dish of tempera paint, and painting sponges. Invite them to "stamp" their plates to create a pumpkin. Twist a green chenille stem around a pencil (to make it curly), punch a hole at the top of the dried plates, and create a whimsical stem using the curled pipe cleaner.
  • Create a pumpkin template. Using a brown permanent marker, use the template to trace pumpkin shapes onto contact paper. Peel the backing from the contact paper pumpkins and place it, sticky side up, on your students' desks. Invite them to fill in the pumpkin shape with pre-cut pieces of orange tissue paper and create a stem and leaves using brown and green construction paper or art tissue paper. Place a second sheet of contact paper over the tissue collage (so that the sticky sides face each other), use a gold metallic paint pen to trace around the pumpkin for extra embellishment (optional), and use a pair of scissors to cut out the final pumpkin shape.
  • Create pumpkin cutouts from orange construction paper. Provide students with actual pumpkin seeds dyed orange (using food coloring or liquid watercolor paints) and invite them to collage the cutouts with the seeds. You might also consider letting your students paint the seeds as a part of the craft.
  • Provide students with a large coffee filter and an orange marker. Invite them to color the coffee filter with the marker then, with a squirt bottle filled with water, mist the coffee filters. Your students will love watching the colored areas expand to cover the filter paper. Punch a hole at the top of the filter and create a fun stem using brown or green pipe cleaners.

Pumpkin Patch Bulletin Board

  • Background: Dark blue Kraft paper.
  • Title: "Welcome To Our Pumpkin Patch!"
  • Border: Use a solid white, yellow, or orange bulletin board border or opt for a fall themed border.
  • Decoration: 1) The Scarecrow. Use bulletin board paper rolls to create the base of the scarecrow - black for the pants, orange for the head, and blue for the shirt and hat. Construction paper or card stock in assorted colors work great for the embellishments. Create and slightly crumble small strips of yellow paper to form "straw" fringe at the top and bottom of the scarecrow's shirt as well as at the end of each shirt sleeve and pant leg. Use this yellow fringe to create a mop of "hair" under the hat. Patches in assorted colors and buttons made from orange paper can be "sewn" on to the base pieces using black yarn. Small craft embellishments or paper pieces can be glued to the patches to provide an extra bit of flair. Add a fun scarecrow face with permanent marker, colored paper, and black yarn and your scarecrow is complete! 2) The Pumpkins. Use your students' creations! 3) The Other Embellishments. The display designer added a moon in the night sky which you can easily create out of yellow construction paper.

We'd love to know what you think of this design. Leave us a comment below!

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