A Batch of Smart Cookies! Motivational Bulletin Board Idea

Motivational Chocolate Chip Cookie Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: Classroom Displays and Bulletin Boards | Nadia Rolle

While a simple bulletin board decoration or classroom poster can't change a "C" to an "A", there's certainly something to be said about how immersing your students in a positive learning environment can prompt greater student participation and improved performance. Nadia Rolle, preschool teacher in the Bahamas and contributor to Classroom Displays and Bulletin Boards, designed this 'scrumptious' display to reinforce her confidence in her students' ability to succeed in, and out of the classroom! With this motivation board Rolle proves she's "one smart cookie" herself!

Cookie Bulletin Board

  • Background: Cover the board with aluminum foil or metallic background paper to mimic the look of a cookie baking sheet.
  • Title: "A Batch of Smart Cookies!"
  • Border: Rolle used a simple red bulletin board trimmer, but you could certainly use a fun, colorful border or even carry on the theme with cooking utensil cutouts (i.e. spatula, whisk, spoons, flat cookie turners, etc.).
  • Decoration: Cut circles from light brown construction paper, using a permanent marker to create small chocolate chips or raisins. Script a child's name onto each cookie and line up on the "baking sheet".

Fun Extension

While chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin cookies are certainly appropriate year-round, consider changing them out during the holidays with fun "cut-out cookies"! Here's are some cookie examples for Halloween! We made these using ivory card stock as the base and sheets of colorful Wonderfoam® for the "icing" decorations! ghost pumpkin frankenstein cutouts

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