Scarecrow Fall Classroom Door Decoration

Fall and Halloween Door Display Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: Laurie Butler

Looking for an adorable way to spice up the hallway for fall? Try this adorable scarecrow display we found while haunting our new favorite site - Pinterest! Laurie Butler certainly knows that a little color and a simple design can go a long way!

Scarecrow Fall Door Display

Start with a large piece of dark orange bulletin board paper, cutting a hat shape from the paper. As you can see with Laurie's, the shape doesn't have to be perfect. In fact, a "lumpy" hat goes right along with the scarecrow "image"! Laurie then added a band of lighter orange paper and a sunflower to create visual interest and differentiate the brim from the rest of the hat. The design is super cute, but remember that you can customize the hat as you please! Add a colorful patch somewhere on the hat, use a fall leaf or colorful button cutout instead of a sunflower to decorate the band, etc.

Next, cut several strips of yellow bulletin board paper and arrange them to create the scarecrow's straw hair. By cutting the strips different lengths or attaching them at different heights, more dimension is created! When dry {and secure!}, mount the entire hat/hair combo to the top of the door frame. To complete the display, add the scarecrow's "face" to the door - two black circle eyes, one orange triangle patch nose, and a black stitched mouth.

Not only do we love the design, we love the extra added accents Ms. Butler used! The "wood" fencing, the student-made scarecrow crafts, the pumpkin cutouts lining the floor - everything just works together to created a fabulously festive display!

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