We're Batty Over Halloween! - Halloween Bat Themed Bulletin Board Idea

craft bats fly around a yellow moon
Photo Source: Gigglepotz | Kim White

Kim White, preschool teacher and bulletin board contributor to the teacher resource site Gigglepotz, designed this fun holiday bulletin board to display her students' Halloween crafts. Super simple and wonderfully festive, this is a design to add to your 'inspiration folder' for next year.

Halloween Bat Crafts

There are a few different ways to create the bats for your bulletin board.

  • To duplicate White's board you'll need large coffee filters, washable black craft paint, colored construction paper, and assorted craft embellishments. The process: cut the coffee filters in half, paint them black, then create bat faces using small black construction paper circles, white construction paper fangs, wiggle eyes, and small orange craft pom pon noses.

You might also consider:

  • Providing students with white card stock, shallow bowls of black craft paint, and kids paint brushes. Invite them to cover their palm with black paint, using the provided paint brushes, and carefully create a print in the center of their paper. Help them to quickly sprinkle fine black glitter onto the wet paint, then set aside to dry. After the paint and glitter have set, provide students with card stock bat wing templates for them to trace on either side of their bat 'body' and color with black marker (or trace onto black construction paper and glue onto the paper). Encourage them to create bat ears with the markers (or black construction paper triangles) and finish off their craft with large wiggle eyes and fangs made from white construction paper.
  • Providing students with *pre-spray painted* black Styrofoam craft balls, school glue, and black card stock. Using bat wing templates, invite them to create bat wings from the card stock (leaving a small flap where the wings attach to the bat 'body') and glue them to the sides of the ball. (NOTE: An adult may need to put several straight pins through the flaps and into the foam for extra strength.) To finish, have students add wiggle eyes and fangs, then hang the bats on the board using fishing line and push-pins!
  • Providing students with black card stock bat cutouts, craft glue, and coffee beans or black beans, inviting them to create textured Halloween bats by gluing the beans to the cutout.

Batty Bulletin Board Display

  • Background: White bulletin board paper. You might also consider creating a more dynamic board using orange or yellow bulletin board paper, or further the "bats in the night sky" theme by using purple or gray bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "We're Batty Over Halloween!" or "__________ (Mrs. Nelson's Class, Pre-K, etc.) is Batty Over Halloween!"
  • Border: White used an alphabet themed bulletin board border, but you might also consider using a solid black wavy trimmer or a Halloween themed border.
  • Decoration: 1) The Bats. Use your students' creations! 2) The Other Details. White created a yellow moon to complete her "bats in the night sky" theme. To spice up the theme, you might consider creating wispy white (spooky) clouds or creating the illusion that the bats are flying out of a haunted chimney or attic window.

Overall, we think this board has great potential and that it would make a great addition to your holiday decor! We'd love to hear your thoughts though, so leave us a comment!

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