Spooktacular' Haunted House Halloween Bulletin Board Idea

Haunted House and Ghost Halloween Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: http://www.superteacherideas.com

Kaytee, second grade teacher and bulletin board designer featured at Super Teacher Ideas, knows that sometimes 'success is in the details'! Her 'spooktacular' haunted house Halloween scape featuring adorable boy and girl ghosts and clever boarded up windows proves just that! This is definitely an idea to file away for next year!

Kids Ghost Crafts

Your students are sure to have a blast making ghost crafts for this spooky scene. To duplicate the ghosts created by Kaytee's students, create a template that includes a large ghost cutout, eyes, a mouth, and a bow. Have students trace and cut out a ghost shape from white card stock then use glue and small squares of white tissue paper to cover the shape. Invite your students to cut eyes and a mouth from black card stock as well as a bow from a piece of crafting paper and attach them carefully to the tissue paper. Have students create girl ghosts by attaching the bow to the ghost head and boy ghosts by creating a bow tie at the 'neck'.

If you want to try something different, consider:

  • Covering ghost cutouts with fine white glitter instead of tissue paper.
  • Creating footprint 'ghosts' with washable white paint and dark blue construction paper (to match the background), covering the wet paint with fine white glitter, drawing on a face with black paint or marker, and creating bows out of colorful yarn or ribbon.
  • Forming 3D ghosts by wrapping several sheets of tissue paper around a foam craft ball, gathering and tying the excess tissue underneath the ball with a colorful ribbon (in essence using the ball as the ghost's head), and drawing a face with marker.

However you decide to create the ghosts for your bulletin board, your students are sure to enjoy being involved!

Haunted House Bulletin Board

  • Background: Cover the top two-thirds of the board with dark blue bulletin board paper to create a 'haunted' sky. Create the landscape (ground and hill) with light brown or tan bulletin board paper and fashion a 'drive' for the haunted house from darker brown bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "Spooktacular __________________ (e.g. 2nd Graders, Preschoolers, etc.)".
  • Border: Kaytee did not use a border and, with so many things going it, it is probably best to keep it plain.
  • Decoration: 1) The Haunted House. While it may look daunting, with the use of simple shapes (i.e. rectangles, triangles, squares, etc.) you can create this from gray, black, yellow, and brown construction paper or bulletin board background paper. The building structure consists of two gray rectangles, the dormers are two small gray squares, the roof pieces are formed by various sized black triangles, the windows are small yellow squares with black pane overlays, and the door is a small brown rectangle. The embellishments are up to you. (We do really like the 'boarded' windows though!) 2) The Sky. The dark background serves as the main portion. All you'll need to add is a large yellow moon and thin gray wavy/wispy clouds. 3) The Ghosts. Use your students' creations! 4) The Fence. Create the fence from strips of black construction paper or bulletin board paper in various thicknesses (for a more haunted appearance).

What can we say, the combination of design and detail make this board a spooktacular choice for your Halloween decor next year (or even this year if you can swing it!).

We'd love to hear what you think and about how you decorate for Halloween, so leave us a comment below!

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