Get Caught Up In A Good Book! - Halloween Reading Bulletin Board Idea

Halloween is right around the corner and, if you haven't made any plans for classroom decor, we're excited to be able to feature some of the great bulletin board ideas that were submitted to our Halloween contest last year! Perhaps you'll be inspired by these colorful themed boards...

October Halloween Reading Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: Michelle Brinn

Perfect for the classroom or school library, this design from Michelle Brinn is a fun way to display books you and your students will be reading together this fall, new titles that you don't want your kiddos to miss, a collection of 'recommended reads' nominated and voted on by your students, etc! We love that the colorful book covers pop when displayed against the dark background and the spider web is magnificent!

Get Caught Up In A Good Book!

  • Background: Black or dark blue bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "Get Caught Up In A Good Book!"
  • Border: Michelle used festive purple tinsel garland as a border, but you could also use a purple sparkle trimmer or Halloween themed bulletin board border.
  • Decoration: 1) The Spider Web. First of all, I just want to highlight how perfect Michelle's spider web is. Isn't it amazing?! I need to ask her how she made it, but if we were tackling this bulletin board, here are a few ways we might go about recreating the web. (A) Find a clip art image online, use your classroom projector system to enlarge the design, then trace it in pencil onto the background paper. To finish, trace over the pencil lines with a white paint pen. (B) Follow the same steps above, but instead of tracing the pencil lines with a paint pen, use craft glue to glue white yarn to the design. This offers a more three-dimensional look which could be cool and a bit more 'realistic' looking. 2) The Book Covers. Make color copies of the physical book covers you intend to display, print colored pictures of the covers using images found online, or display collect actual book covers to display. If using a copy or print of the cover, we recommend laminating them to reduce fading as well as wear and tear.