We Are Leaving Winter Behind! - Spring Bunny Themed Bulletin Board

Spring Bunny Themed Bulletin Board Idea

Bunnies make the perfect spring and Easter theme! If you're interested in a bulletin board that you can put up at the start of the season and leave up through the Easter holiday, this design offers a great option. All you need to do is change the title in between!

We Are Leaving Winter Behind!

  • Background: Cover the board with royal blue bulletin board paper, fringing strips of green bulletin board paper to create grass at the bottom of the board.
  • Title: "We Are Leaving Winter Behind!"
  • Border: Solid trimmer in a complimentary color.
  • Decoration: Cut simple bunny shapes {we actually cut out egg shapes!} from construction paper, as well as ears for each cutout. Glue the ears to the bunny shape, arranging the cutouts in the 'grass' on the board, and add several cotton balls to each shape to create a 'tail' for each bunny. Finish off the scene by cutting a large circle from yellow background paper, adding it to the top of the board to create the 'sun', and using scraps of yellow and orange paper to create it's 'rays'.

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