Earth Day Shout Out to Casa Maria!

Earth Day Recycled and Natural Material Classroom Display
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Maria Wynne, preschool teacher and creator of the blog, Casa Maria's Creative Learning Zone, crafted this fabulous mural/classroom display from recycled and natural materials {with the help of her super crafty students, of course!} as an entry into their local recycling contest held in celebration of Earth Day. Isn't it magnificent?! To be perfectly honest, we have no intention of even attempting to do an elemental break-down of this masterpiece ~ we just hope you're as inspired {and awed!} as we were when we first stumbled upon it! As Wynne says, "Earth Day" is EVERY-day, so get those creative juices flowing and figure out where your household and classroom can pitch in! Who knows, you may just end up with a masterpiece of your own! {Seriously, we just can't get over how awesome this display really is...perfect for spring, Easter, Earth Day, and so much more!}