"Spring is in the Air!" - Classroom Bulletin Board Decoration Idea

Spring Easter Bulletin Board IdeaCelebrate the spring and Easter season with this colorful display from McKinley Early Childhood Center! The kites elicit visions of warm {windy!} spring days perfect for outdoor play and the dynamic eggs remind viewers that spring is the season for new life and celebrating the Easter holiday! Have your kiddos help you create the board by turning the elements into impromptu lessons...

  • Talk about symmetry as students decorate the kites.
  • Discuss patterning, counting, or colors as your students string their kite strings with bows.
  • Introduce shapes, patterns, the life cycle of a chicken, etc. as students decorate eggs.

Spring Bulletin Board

  • Background: Cover the entire board with blue bulletin paper then cut a small strip of green background paper to place at the bottom, creating grass and sky.
  • Title: "Spring is in the Air!"
  • Border: Solid red trimmer or spring themed bulletin board.
  • Decoration: 1) The Clouds. Cut or trace cloud cutouts from white construction paper arranging them haphazardly throughout the "sky". 2) The Kites & Eggs. Use your students' creations.

We think this board brings out not only the fun of spring, but the many opportunities for learning as well!

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