Happy Easter! - Holiday Bulletin Board Idea

Spring and Easter Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: McKinley Early Childhood Center

Check out this festive board created by the talented preschool teachers at McKinley Early Childhood Center. From the blossoming tree to the colorful Easter eggs hidden in the fringed grass, this colorful board screams spring and we think it would look great in any early childhood learning space!

Happy Easter!

  • Background: Cover the entire bulletin board with light blue background paper. Cover the bottom fourth of the board with green bulletin board paper, using scissors to fringe the top edge in order to create 'grass'.
  • Title: "Happy Easter!"
  • Border: Spring themed trimmer or complimentary patterned bulletin board border.
  • Decoration: 1) The Tree. Freehand or enlarge and trace a tree shape onto brown bulletin board paper. [NOTE: Since the cutout will be placed to one side of the board, you'll only need half a trunk and branches on one side. Find a flower template online - you can use this template from Halibu Valley to create a nestled effect - printing it onto colored paper, then cut, assemble, and arrange on the tree branches! 2) The Easter Bunny. Find an Easter bunny coloring page - the original board features this coloring page from dColoring Pages - and use your classroom projector system to enlarge and trace it onto a piece of natural or brown bulletin board paper. We suggest using a black permanent marker to trace the shape and add detailing! 3) The Easter Basket+Eggs. Freehand or trace an Easter basket onto brown construction paper, then use an egg template - like this one from First Palette - to print and cut Easter eggs from colored construction paper. Print student names onto the eggs, and finally, arrange some of the egg cutouts in the basket as well as in the grass!