Here Comes The Easter Bunny! - Spring Door Display

Spring and Easter Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: Erin Ralph

We're always on the lookout for simple displays that pack a lot of punch without a lot of work! We adore this door display created by Erin Ralph that we found via Pinterest. Perfect for both Easter and spring, the cutesy bunny is sure to add a bit of whimsy to your seasonal classroom decor and we can guarantee that the design will be a hit with your kiddos!

Here Comes The Easter Bunny!

Start by covering the entire door with white bulletin board paper. Cut large ear shapes from the white background paper, lightly drawing the inside part of the ear and filling it in with pink craft paint, or simply cutting the shapes from pink background paper. Use the pink background paper to create a nose and purple background paper to create a bow tie. You can create the rest of the detailing - the eyes, the polka dots on the bow ties, the whiskers, etc. - using construction paper and a black permanent marker!

This display is super simple, but offers a fun addition to your decor for spring!