24 'Carrot' Smiles! - Easter Bulletin Board Idea

Easter Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: Emily Richter

How adorable is this bulletin board?! Created by Emily Richter, this spring display is super vibrant, offers a great way to show off the adorable kiddos in your class, and incorporates a cutesy play on words that we know colleagues and parents will appreciate!

24 'Carrot' Smiles

  • Background: Yellow bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "24 'Carrot' Smiles!" - We absolutely love how Emily added gold glitter to '24' and stems to the letters in 'carrot' to make them look like carrots! How clever!
  • Border: Spring or Easter themed trimmer.
  • Decoration: 1) The Scene. Cut two large tree shapes - complete with trunk and branches - from brown bulletin board paper. If you plan to freehand the shape, you can always cut out one tree shape and use it to trace and cut a second tree shape! If you find a clip art image that you like, simply use your classroom projector system to enlarge and trace the image twice. Arrange the trees on either side of the board. Cut a strip of green bulletin board paper, using scissors to create the look of 'grass' along the top edge, and mount the strip to the bottom of the board between the trees. 2) The Carrots. Find a carrot coloring page - printing the pieces onto orange and green construction paper, assembling the cutouts around the bulletin board, and adding pictures of your kiddos to each of the cutouts. You might try this printable from Coloring Page or search Google for one of your own!
    Carrot Coloring Page and Easter Bulletin Board Idea
    Photo Source: coloringpage.eu

    3) The Easter Bunnies. Like the carrot cutouts, find a coloring page online and print it onto white card stock. Here's a cute one from Free-N-Fun Easter.

    Easter Bunny Coloring Page and Spring Bulletin Board Idea
    Photo Source: freefuneaster.com
    While you'll have to do some cropping, we like the cutesy bunny print! Use pink marker to color in the inner ear and nose on each cutout, add bow ties (for boys)/hair bows (for girls) cut from construction paper of assorted colors, and print student names onto the bow ties. To keep it simple, you might consider downloading the bow template we found at Pastiche Family Portal and printing it onto colored paper! [NOTE: You could even use fun patterned scrapbook paper for extra visual interest!]