Happy Easter From An 'Egg'cellent Bunch! - Holiday Bulletin Board Idea

Spring and Easter Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: McKinley Early Childhood Center

From the 'egg'ceptional title pun to the vibrant color scheme, this door display from the preschool teachers at McKinley Early Childhood Center is super festive and would be an adorable addition to your spring decor plans! Not to mention, you can get your kiddos in on the action with a cutesy Easter craft!

Easter Chick Crafts

Perfect for crafters, young and old, provide your kiddos with an egg and chick template - inviting them to cut out the pieces, glue them together, then add wiggle eyes and feathers!

For the template, you can draw your own, search for one online, or download the free pattern below (just click the picture!).

Easter Kids Craft and Bulletin Board Idea
Easter Chick Craft Template

Happy Easter from an 'Egg'cellent Bunch!

  • Background: Purple bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "Happy Easter from an 'Egg'cellent Bunch!"
  • Border: Easter themed trimmer or complimentary patterned bulletin board.
  • Decoration: Use your kiddos Easter chick crafts. Fill in the the empty space with Easter eggs cutouts cut from patterned scrapbook paper or bright colored construction paper!

Happy Easter From An 'Egg'cellent Bunch! - Holiday Bulletin Board Idea


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