Some-BUNNY Loves You! - Easter Bulletin Board Idea

Spring Easter Bunny Bulletin Board IdeaIf a more traditional Easter bulletin board is what you're after, check out this display we found at McKinley Early Childhood Center. The assorted spring colors, the abundance of Easter eggs {that make it look as if the ground has burst with egg "blossoms"}, and the bunny, a familiar character of Easter, all work together to make this a fantastic addition to your classroom decor for spring and the holiday season!

Easter Bunny Bulletin Board

  • Background: Cover the entire bulletin board with blue background paper. Cut a 12-inch wide strip of green bulletin board paper, fringe the top of the piece, and place it {fringe side up} along the bottom of the board as "grass".
  • Title: "Some-BUNNY Loves You!" - We really like the use of color in the original board! For a more "spring-like" feel, you might also consider using these print and cut flower letters from Fantasy Jr.
  • Border: The original board did not make use of a border, but you might consider creating a 3D-ribbon border {similar to this one at A to Z Teacher Stuff or The Happy Housewife} or adding a trimmer in a complimentary solid color or spring theme.
  • Decoration: 1) The Bunny. Tape several sheets of brown construction paper together {or cut a large piece of brown background paper} and freehand or trace, using a black and white clip art image and your classroom projector system to enlarge the print, a bunny shape onto the paper. With colored construction paper, add a ribbon around the bunny's neckand an Easter basket cutout in the bunny's hand {once again drawing or tracing the shapes}. 2) The Eggs. From construction paper in various spring hues, use a template to trace and cut Easter egg cutouts. For visual interest, include several sizes. You might also consider finding a black and white clip art image that can be printed directly onto the colored paper to cut out a step. Script student names onto the eggs and arrange these in/on top of the grass and the Easter basket. 3) The Sky. Create a sun and clouds from construction or background paper to add visual interest to the board.