Our Class Is Sp'EGG'tacular! - Easter Bulletin Board

Easter Bulletin Board Idea

Looking for a fun and simple Easter bulletin board idea? Here's a vibrant design - created using Laura Strickland's cutesy clip art - that offers a great option!

Our Class Is Sp'EGG'tacular!

  • Background: Light pink or another pastel shade of bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "Our Class Is Sp'EGG'tacular!"
  • Border: Complimentary colored/patterned bulletin board border.
  • Decoration: 1) The Bunny. If you're feeling artistic, freehand a large bunny onto white bulletin board paper, tracing the outline with black permanent marker and using craft paint to color it in. If drawing it freehand isn't an option, find a clip art image online to enlarge and trace onto the paper. [We love Laura's design! You can find it over at MyCuteGraphics!] 2) The Easter Eggs. Get your kiddos involved! Download an egg template, printing it onto white card stock, and invite your kiddos to use graphic art tools and/or colored card stock to decorate their cutout. If there isn't time for your kiddos to help out, you could simply print clip art eggs onto white card stock and cut them out to create accents.