Vampire Library Halloween Bulletin Board Idea

{Mary Ann Mulroe, librarian at Heritage Middle School in Lansing, IL submitted several fantastic Halloween themed bulletin boards via our "Contact Us" page. Be sure to put these designs in your inspiration folder for next year as the creative twists on traditional Halloween themes and vibrant color schemes are sure to make your classroom decor the best of the hall!}

October Halloween Reading and Literacy Bulletin Board Idea

Scare Up A Good Book

Most everyone is familiar with the universal symbol for library. Give it {and your classroom library!} a little twist this Halloween season, using Mary Ann's creative adaptation to turn the reader into a vampire with fangs and collared cloak!

  • Background: Tan bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "Scare Up A Good Book"
  • Border: None used.
  • Decoration: Cut a large rounded rectangle from white background paper {the shape should resemble a sign} Using the cutout to trace a cut a rounded border from black bulletin board paper. Using the library symbol as a model {and measuring it to make sure it will fit in the sign "frame"}, create the basic reader and book shape - freehand the cutout onto black bulletin board paper or you might consider finding a print online to enlarge and trace using your classroom projector system. Before cutting, add a stand-up collar to the back of the figure to create the vampire cloak. Draw a vampire head {or find a free pumpkin carving stencil online to trace onto black background paper}, then assemble the pieces inside the black and white frame to create the finished Halloween-themed symbol.

We think the bulletin board is super creative and translates well into classroom decor, not just library decor! Thank you Mary Ann for your wonderful submissions - we're sure they'll inspire some fantastic bulletin board displays this Halloween!