Trick or Treat On Odd and Even Street! - Halloween Math Bulletin Board Idea

Halloween Math Bulletin Board Idea
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While this bulletin board idea submitted to Teaching Photos was not originally created as a Halloween display, we think that with a few tweaks, it could make a fantastic dual-purpose addition to your holiday decor - providing an interactive math review activity for your students as well as a festive display you can enjoy throughout the month of October!

Decoration suggestions...

  • Change the title to "Trick or Treat on Odd and Even Street!"
  • Keep the houses on "Even Street" orange, adding purple roofs, lime green doors, and gray windows for a Halloween theme.
  • Create the houses on "Odd Street" using Halloween themed/print scrapbook paper, adding ghost, ghoul, and other cutouts coming out of the windows and doors.
  • Add house numbers created using a 'spooky' Halloween font like Wild Wood {found for free at FontSpace}.Halloween Bulletin Board Idea
  • Instead of a flower patch, create a number pumpkin patch {perhaps using this free pumpkin font from FontSpace} and add dried leaves or fall leaf shapes cut from construction paper.Halloween Bulletin Board Idea*NOTE: The pumpkin font only comes with numbers 0 through 9. We used simple word processing software to create our own larger pumpkin numbers.

These are just a few of the ways you can spice the design up for Halloween!

Trick or Treat On Odd and Even Street!

  • Background: Cover the entire board with black bulletin board paper. Cut a strip of brown background paper, using scissors to create an uneven top edge, and add the paper to the bottom of the bulletin board to create the 'pumpkin patch'.
  • Title: "Trick or Treat on Odd and Even Street!"
  • Border: Complimentary solid color trimmer or Halloween themed border.
  • Decoration: 1) The Houses. Create a house pattern, tracing the various pieces onto colored/patterned card stock and assembling the houses in two rows on the bulletin board. See the decoration suggestions above for color scheme and house number ideas! 2) The Pumpkin Patch. Use the pumpkin font to print pumpkin numbers onto card stock in various shades of orange. Cut them out and assemble in the "pumpkin patch". Add dried leaves, vines, fall leaf cutouts, or other seasonal accents of your choice! 3) The Sky. Print star shapes with 'spooky' numbers onto metallic card stock or craft paper. Cut them out and arrange in the night sky!

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