The Cure For Arachnophobia! - Halloween Bulletin Board

Halloween is right around the corner and, if you haven't made any plans for classroom decor, we're excited to be able to feature some of the great bulletin board ideas that were submitted to our Halloween contest last year! Perhaps you'll be inspired by these colorful themed boards...

Halloween Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: Rachel Lamb

If you're looking for a fun craftivity as well as a cute bulletin board for Halloween, check out this adorable writing prompt and display from Rachel Lamb! Your students will have a chance to display their creative writing skills as they come up with a cure for arachnophobia (how fun!) and, with the special writing paper and spider crafts, the board will be simple to put together - a win, win!

Paper Spider Craft

Keep the craft simple and have your students cut all the pieces from black and white construction paper. You'll need a half circle to create the spider body, eight legs, and two small white circles + two smaller black circles to create the eyes. While you can display an example, it'll be fun to see how each spider turns out just a little bit differently.

The Cure For Arachnophobia!

  • Background: Black and white polka dot wrapping paper with a sheer Halloween themed decorative fabric or netting overlay. [Overlay optional.]
  • Title: "The Cure For Arachnophobia!"
  • Border: Black tinsel garland or complimentary sparkle trimmer.
  • Decoration: Mount your students' writing prompts onto construction paper in Halloween colors - i.e. orange, purple, and lime green. Arrange the prompts around the bulletin board and add their spider crafts.

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