Look Who's Hiding in the Haunted House! - October Bulletin Board Idea

Halloween Bulletin Board Idea
Complete by adding student photos to the windows of the houses!

Perfect for the Halloween holiday, this dynamic display is not only eye-catching, it's sure to be a hit with students and staff alike! We know your kiddos will get excited about a photo shoot (and having their photos up on a classroom bulletin board) and, if you're not certain you want to tackle your own hand drawn design, we found this free haunted house clip art image that we thought would make a great template for the board!

Look Who's Hiding in the Haunted House!

  • Background: Cover the entire bulletin board with purple or dark blue bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "Look Who's Hiding in the Haunted House!" - Instead of traditional bulletin board letters, we like the idea of using a fun Halloween font (like 'Witches Magic') to create the title!
  • Border: Complimentary colored/patterned trimmers.
  • Decoration: 1) The Photo Shoot. Hang a piece of yellow bulletin board paper in the hallway or on a wall in the classroom as a backdrop. Invite students to pose in front of the paper and make a scary/spooky face. 2) The Haunted Landscape. Use your classroom projector system to enlarge the clip art image and trace the silhouetted landscape (houses, trees, and shrubs) onto black bulletin board paper. Cut out the silhouette and, before attaching the cutout to the background, add the printed photos to the windows of the houses. [NOTE: You'll most likely have to trim them to fit!] If you run out of window spaces, you might consider creating a 'spooky' wrought iron or picket fence from gray construction paper, attaching it at the bottom of the board and having students 'poke out' from behind the spindles. 3) The Halloween Accents. Cut a large circle 'moon' from yellow bulletin board paper and add it to the night sky. For a 'spooky' effect, cut thin wispy 'clouds' from gray construction paper and arrange them around the moon - like this Halloween bulletin board. For the last detail, cut simple bat silhouettes from black construction paper and arrange them around the night sky. [NOTE: It might also be fun to create the bat cutouts, but hang them on strings from the ceiling or top of the board - at different heights - so that they 'flutter' against the board.]