How Do You Boo? - Vibrant Halloween Bulletin Board

Halloween is right around the corner and, if you haven't made any plans for classroom decor, we're excited to be able to feature some of the great bulletin board ideas that were submitted to our Halloween contest last year! Perhaps you'll be inspired by these colorful themed boards...

Halloween Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: Donna Wright

What we love about this bulletin board for Donna Wright is that it's super unique! Traditionally, Halloween bulletin boards are created using orange and black, and more recently, with added purple and lime green accents. The pink and zebra print? Definitely something new! Not to mention, the title is catchy and fun!

How Do You Boo?

  • Background: Magenta bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "How Do You Boo?"
  • Border: Solid black trimmer, black sparkle trimmer, or complimentary patterned border. [NOTE: We love how Donna added a glittered web to each corner of the board. We suggest sketching a spider web in each corner, then tracing the shape with black glitter glue for a similar look!]
  • Decoration: 1) The Jack-O-Lantern. Draw or enlarge and trace a large jack-o-lantern shape onto black bulletin board paper. Find a witch hat clip art image online using your classroom projector system to enlarge and trace a hat for the jack-o-lantern onto zebra print wrapping paper. Use ribbon and a black gift bow to embellish the hat. 2) The Halloween Accents. Bats, spiders, brooms - add the accents you desire! We suggest finding templates online and using a mixture of black paper and the zebra print wrapping paper to create the elements.