Fall Behavior Management Bulletin Board Idea

Fall Behavior Management Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: thefirstgradeparade.blogspot.com

Here's a fun behavior management bulletin board we found at The First Grade Parade, a blog created by first grade teacher, Mrs. Carroll. It's super simple to do, doesn't take up much space, and is a fantastic way to promote teamwork and positive behavior in the classroom!

Fall Behavior Management Board

Simply draw a vine and pumpkin stems on a sentence strip. When your kiddos are caught doing something good - each student met their AR goals for the week, the class is caught working quietly, etc. - use an orange Do-A-Dot or BINGO marker to stamp a pumpkin on the strip. When full, treat your students to something special!

Like we said, the idea is super simple, but it might make for a cutesy bulletin board border and will certainly brighten your kiddos' day {getting recognized for excellence, as well as, earning a fun prize!}.