Wishing For Spring "Rainbow Blizzard" Classroom Display

Preschool March Spring Rainbow Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: www.kinderteacher.com

We wish the photo quality of this vibrant bulletin board display was a little clearer, but you can certainly get the gist! Linda Critchell, former kindergarten teacher and creator of the site KinderTeacher.com, shares this brilliant idea for all those still stuck in the winter blues, but wishing for spring! The rainbow theme also makes it a nice fit for St. Patrick's Day!

Rainbow Blizzard Craft

The board design features a fun poem as well as the colorful snowflakes it inspires! Here are a few ideas for creating vibrant flakes for your display:

  • Provide students with large coffee filters and markers. Invite them to color the filter, spritzing it with water and setting it aside to dry when finished. The water will diffuse the color throughout the filter paper providing the perfect base for colorful paper snowflakes!
  • Similar to the suggestion above, provide students with saturated liquid watercolors and watercolor paper. Have your students paint the entire surface and let dry. The resulting vibrant 'material' will make for excellent paper snowflakes.
  • Provide students with a large paper plate, craft paint in assorted colors, and circular sponge paint brushes. Invite your students to create a crease through the middle of their plate (by folding it in half), then use the sponge brush and paint to decorate one side of the plate. When satisfied, demonstrate how to fold the plate (paint side in), press gently, and peel back to reveal an exact symmetrical print. When the paint has fully dried, refold the plate and use craft scissors to trim a fun edge around the snowflake.
  • Have students collage card stock snowflake cutouts with small squares of art tissue paper in assorted vibrant colors. Demonstrate how to shape the tissue square around the end of a pencil or roll it into a loose ball to create a fun, textured flake.
  • Create sensory snowflake cutouts {like the Easter eggs found at GummyLump.com} with chenille stems, colored cotton balls, buttons, and more!

There are numerous ways to create colorful snowflakes - just let your creativity be your guide! And, of course, don't miss out on the opportunity to discuss symmetry while creating!

Rainbow Blizzard Bulletin Board

Linda has graciously put together a March themed idea/lesson pack for busy teachers like yourself which includes the instructions, banner, etc. for this bulletin board, as well as tons of other educational and fun activities to use during the month of March! Be sure to visit her site for the details and to peruse the projects!

If this bulletin board display doesn't bring a bit of cheer to your classroom, we don't know what will! It may be just what you need to take the edge off those winter blues! As always, thanks for stopping by! We love getting your comments so be sure to drop us a line below!