Who's Who? - Back-To-School Interactive Bulletin Board

Elementary and Middle School Back To School Interactive Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: bodineschoolideaexchange.blogspot.com

While your new students have likely grown up with each other, test how much they really know with this fun back-to-school icebreaker and bulletin board from Inside Bodine! Not only will you get to know a little more about your students, we think this is a great way to build community and set the tone for a fun year.

Who's Who Icebreaker Activity

Provide students with a mini-questionnaire, inviting them to answer 3-4 questions - i.e. "If you could work at any job, what would it be?", etc. Collect the papers and transfer each student's answers to colored sticky notes. [NOTE: Assign a different color sticky note to each question and be sure to keep each student's answers separated.]

Pass out a set of answers to each student and task them with determining who the answers belong to based upon their knowledge of their classmates. Invite them to place the sticky notes on the bulletin board under the student's name. Once each student has had a chance to guess, reveal the correct answers!

Who's Who Interactive Bulletin Board

  • Background: Yellow bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "Who's Who?!"
  • Border: Complimentary patterned trimmer.
  • Decoration: Use marker, electrical tape, thin ribbon, etc. to create a grid on the bulletin board. Be sure to create enough 'boxes' for each student in your class. Label each space in the grid with student names using letter stickers or computer generated labels. Finally, have your students add their sticky notes!