In This Class, You're A Special Piece of the Puzzle! Welcome Back-to-School Bulletin Board Idea

Welcome Back to School Puzzle Bulletin Board Idea
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Every teacher wants to make their new students feel like a special part of the class! Susan Griffies, a third grade teacher in Central Florida and creator of the blog Griffies Growth, does just that with her back-to-school puzzle bulletin board! As each student becomes a piece of the colorful puzzle, Ms. Griffies assures her students that they "fit right in"!

Back-to-School Puzzle Board

  • Background: Black bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "Welcome to ____________! (e.g. Kindergarten, 3rd Grade, etc.) You Fit Right In!" or "In This Class, You're A Special Piece of the Puzzle!" - Susan adds extra "pizazz" to her title by using letters with fun, poppin' patterns!
  • Border: Puzzle piece bulletin board border or a bright, coordinating solid color bulletin board border.
  • Decoration: Purchase prefabricated puzzle pieces or create your own from vibrant colored card stock. Write the names of your students on the pieces then fit them together in a visually stimulating pattern.

This back-to-school bulletin board may be simple, but it's quite effective! It'll add a great contrast of dark and vibrant color to your classroom wall, assure your new students that they have a special place in your classroom, and provide a fun theme for back-to-school decorations and activities!

We'd love to know how you welcome your students back to school! Leave us a comment about your welcome board designs, overall themes, etc!

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