Camping Themed Classroom Management Displays

If you're going all out with a camping theme, chances are the decor will filter down into your classroom management tools as well - behavior boards, classroom helpers chart, classroom schedule display, etc. Here are two cute options, one to keep your new campers informed of the day's events and the other for behavior management, that are sure to add some color and fun to your classroom!

Camping Themed Back To School Schedule Bulletin Board Idea

Camp Schedule

We started by creating custom schedule signs by simply downloading some free camouflage patterned backgrounds (woodland patterns, of course!), free school clip art from My Cute Graphics, and Rick Mueller's free Pinewood font from FontSpace, then using simple word processing software to put the design together.

Camping Themed Back To School Bulletin Board Idea

Added to a board covered with natural brown butcher paper, we created a title from multi-colored bulletin board letters and added a complimentary patterned border - and voila!

Camping Themed Behavior Management Bulletin Board Idea

'TREE'Mendous Behavior!

We love the clip chart system of behavior management that encourages students to make positive behavior choices and discourages poor behavior choices. Not only are they easy to use and super functional, they can also be tailored to fit your classroom theme! Pulling from the camping/wilderness theme, we loved some of the example displays we've seen floating around Pinterest and decided to combine several of our favorite ideas to create this 'tree'mendously cute classroom display.

Creating your own system is super simple. For our posters, we used;

*Purchasing clip art is a great way to carry your theme through all areas of the classroom - birthday certificates, note paper, bulletin board accents, newsletters, name plates, etc. The minimal cost of the clip art is certainly made up for with all of the ways it can be used in the classroom!

Camping Themed Behavior Management Bulletin Board Idea

To display, we suggest simply clipping the posters together using a hole punch and binder rings, which will allow room for your clothespins, and hang the clip chart on the wall with a tree themed trimmer or fun patterned border!

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