A Box of Crayons - Back-To-School Diversity Bulletin Board Idea

Back To School, Poetry, and Diversity Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: mrsburginskindergarten.blogspot.com

We love this adaptation of "The Box of Crayons" poem, created by Brooke over at Mrs. Burgin's Kindergarten class, and think the display would provide a wonderfully positive message for your classroom this coming school year! Each new class is filled with unique individuals and the poem offers a fantastic reminder that it takes everyone to create a successful learning environment!

A Box of Crayons

  • Background: Cover the entire board with yellow background paper. Cut two medium-sized triangles from green bulletin board paper, attaching them to the bottom corners, and use a dark green marker to draw a half-moon 'viewing window' at the top of the newly created 'crayon box'.
  • Title: Brooke used markers of various colors to print the poem title and the poem directly onto the background paper.
  • Border: Complimentary patterned or themed trimmer.
  • Decoration: Create a crayon template from poster board, using it to trace and cut crayon cutouts from bulletin board paper in assorted colors. Add detailing with black marker and fit the cutouts into the 'viewing window'. You could also draw the crayon shapes directly onto the background paper and fill them in with oil pastels or craft paint. Finish off the design with several cutouts of children.