Martin Luther King Jr. Bulletin Board Ideas

"We Can Change The World..." Inspirational Bulletin Board Idea

Back to school. Earth day. MLK Day. Every day is a great day to inspire and ...

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Colorful Back-to-School Diversity Lesson!

Photo Source: The Bubbly Blonde MLK Day is often when we talk about diversi...

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"Unless..." New Years Resolution Bulletin Board Idea

We're always blown away by Barbara's creativity and are super grateful that s...

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Fun with Color Mixing - An MLK Day Activity

MLK Day is right around the corner and we've been busy trying to find some la...

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We Give A Hand For Peace! - MLK Day Bulletin Board

The perfect addition to your MLK Day lesson plans, this is not only a great ...

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The Crayon Box That Talked - MLK Day Bulletin Board Ideas

Shane DeRolf's The Crayon Box That Talked is a wonderful book to share with y...

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Vibrant Hand Print Mural for MLK Day

Photo Source: Heather Martin Celebrate the diversity of your class/school c...

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When You Close Your Eyes... - MLK Day Bulletin Board

Photo Source: Wouldn't this exhibit crea...

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A Box of Crayons - Back-To-School Diversity Bulletin Board Idea

Photo Source: We love this adaptation o...

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