Shoot For the Moon Motivational Space Themed Bulletin Board Idea

Rocket Moon and Stars Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: | Krissy Venosdale

Krissy Venosdale, Missouri teacher and creator of this dynamic motivational bulletin board featured on Izzyshare, believes that, if they put their minds to it, any one of her students can accomplish great things. The awesome part - she reminds her students daily with this sensational classroom display. While this one might take you a bit of extra time to create, it'll set the tone for a great year - you can count on it!

Shoot For the Moon Display

  • Background: Black background paper or fabric.
  • Title: "Shoot For The Moon - Even If You Miss, You'll Land Among Stars!" >> Venosdale used word processing software, fanciful fonts, and brightly colored paper to achieve this look, but you could certainly use a traditional letter trace-and-cut method too!
  • Border: Because there's so much going on with the board, the creator used a plain white scalloped trimmer.
  • The Decoration: 1) The Rocket. Create the rocket from a large piece of cardboard. Cover it with bright fabric scraps, pieces of crafting paper, or bulletin board paper. Be sure to add a viewing "window" as well as other fun embellishments! 2) The Stars. Create several sizes of star templates by hand, using these to trace and cut star shapes to decorate the board, find a black and white clip art print online or with word processing software printing various sizes onto white card stock and cut out, or (if you have one) use a die cut machine to create star cutouts. 3) Rope Lighting. This feature is obviously optional. You could find a thick piece of cording, paint it, and attach it to the board to add a bit of extra color or create a border for the message using star cutouts, etc., but if you happen to have rope light, this can be attached to the board using push pins (sandwich the cord between two of them - don't puncture the light) and you'll have to use black fabric to cover the bulletin board in order hide the extension cord needed to make the lights fully functional, but it's certainly well worth the effort! [NOTE: We didn't realize this, but you can also get battery powered rope lights! That would certainly be more convenient!]

Ms. Venosdale obviously put a great deal of thought into this one and it shows! The display turned out spectacular and provides a wonderfully positive message for her students all year long! Be sure to check out the other "snapshots" of her classroom at Izzyshare!

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