Classroom Classifieds - Back To School Bulletin Board Idea

Elementary, Middle School, and High School Back To School Bulletin Board Idea
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Put a positive spin on your classroom expectations bulletin board this school year by turning it into a classified ad, like this board from Debra Henk. Rather than just a list of "Dos" and "Don'ts", each ad calls for a specific trait, skill, or learning philosophy that you'd like to see your students cultivate while in the classroom learning environment.

Example Classroom "Want Ads"...

  • WANTED: Active participants who are interested in learning.
  • WANTED: Adventurous souls ready to exercise their minds.
  • WANTED: Cooperative learners who work well with others.
  • WANTED: Courageous individuals willing to learn from their mistakes.
  • WANTED: Flexible thinkers who consider alternative views.
  • WANTED: Independent thinkers who justify their beliefs.

Classroom Classifieds Bulletin Board

  • Background: Paper the board with recycled newspaper pages.
  • Title: "Classifieds: Room 203", "Classroom Classifieds", etc.
  • Border: Complimentary solid color trimmer.
  • Decoration: Brainstorm a list of classroom expectations {Debra provides a list of the ads she included in her bulletin board at her website that provide fantastic inspiration for your own!} and use these to create "Want Ads" with word processing software. Since they're reminiscent of newspaper ads, they don't have to be colorful or fancy...
    Back To School Elementary, Middle School, and High School Bulletin Board
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    Print the ads onto card stock, mount onto colored paper, and laminate, arranging these around the bulletin board to inspire your students throughout the year.

Supplies for this bulletin board...

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