"Look Who's Poppin'!" Welcome Back-to-School Popcorn Bulletin Board Idea

Welcome Back to School Popcorn Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: mrsnaylorsclassroom.com

There's just something about fluffy pieces of white popped corn that screams - "This is gonna be fun!" Maybe it's the reminder of the movie theater, memories of stringing it together for the family Christmas tree, or even recollections of stale popcorn at school sporting events, but somehow it seems to evoke excitement and anticipation. Mrs. Naylor does a wonderful job creating just those emotions with this popcorn swathed welcome bulletin board idea!

Popcorn Welcome Board

  • Background: Black background paper.
  • Title: "Look Who's Poppin' Into _____________ (e.g. Second Grade, Kindergarten, etc.)!"
  • Border: Plain yellow wavy trimmer or popcorn bulletin border.
  • Decoration: 1) The Popcorn Bag: Create the bag shape from red bulletin board paper. Add vertical strips of white bulletin board paper to create stripes and create a bag label. Mrs. Naylor used computer software to create a red oval and red lettering reading "Mrs. Naylor's Class". You could just as well draw a red oval (or shape of your choice) onto an 8.5" x 11" sheet of white card stock and print your desired wording. 2) The Popcorn. Popcorn kernels are far from uniform so no precise templates need to be made. Just freehand these fluffy shapes onto white construction paper or white poster board, add yellow "butter" marks with marker on some of the rounded edges if desired, cut them out, and write individual student names on each. Place these kernels "in" your striped popcorn bag and scattered around the sides.

This is just one fun idea for welcoming your students back to school. We'd love to hear about your favorite back-to-school bulletin boards, so leave us a comment!

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