This Looks Like A Job For... - Superhero Themed Helpers Board

Superhero Classroom Helpers Bulletin Board Idea Continuing on the superhero classroom theme, if you're looking for a fun way to display and assign classroom jobs, check out this colorful bulletin board design! With custom superhero job names and logos, plus some fun superhero accents that allow you to turn your new kiddos into superheroes, we know this one will be a hit with students and adults alike!

Custom Superhero Job Names & Logos

We started with our list of classroom jobs and came up with a fictitious superhero who would be up to fulfilling each task - i.e. Mr. Organization makes sure that all centers are organized and put away at the end of each day, The Flash (true to it's name) fills the role of line leader, Super Sharpener ensures that all pencils are sharpened and ready to go, etc. Next, we created custom signs with word processing software by simply downloading some free patterned backgrounds and Blambot’s free Badaboom BB font from Dafont. As a finishing touch, we added custom superhero logos to the job signs; again, using free clip art and other shapes. As with other projects, we attempted to create logos that fit the character - i.e. the Recycle Boy/Girl features a recycling sign, the Captain Calendar logo features the numbers 1, 2, and 3, etc. [See examples below]

Superhero Classroom Helpers Bulletin Board Idea

While they're not editable, you can grab a free copy of the signs !

Super Kids

Last week we shared these awesome downloadable superhero doodads we found over at Mrs. Pancake. Simply invite students to select their favorite design, cut it out, and glue a photo of themselves in the space provided - effectively making themselves into superheroes! Not only will your students have fun with the project, the finished accents also offer a great way to assign classroom jobs! Superhero Bulletin Board Accents

This Looks Like A Job For...

Added to a bulletin board covered with black background paper, accented with some fun trimmers, and titled with something fun like "This Looks Like A Job For..." or "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility", we know this design will add a pop of color to the classroom and become a fast favorite with your new kiddos!

This Looks Like A Job For... - Superhero Themed Helpers Board


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Amy Delph (London, US)

Awesome deal and graphics. Thanks for an free product.

Ronna Smith (Orange Park, US)

I haven’t gotten to use it yet.

Tracey Ng
Really nice

Was really good

Lynn Bailey (Waterville, US)

This will help me change up my classroom jobs.