We're 'Bzzzy' Learning! - Spring Bulletin Board Idea

Spring Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: dltk-teach.com

How cute is this bee themed spring bulletin board created by dynamic decorating duo, Nichole and Jennifer?! Found via DLTK-Teach, we thought design would make a great addition to your April/May decor and thought we'd pass it along!

We're 'Bzzzy' Learning!

  • Background: Cover the entire bulletin board with light blue background paper. Cut a strip of green bulletin board paper to attach along the bottom of the board and use scissors to shape the top edge to look like 'grass'.
  • Title: "Our Little Explorers Are Always 'Bzzzy' Learning!", "_____________ [Kindergarten, Mrs. Nelson's Class, Room 203] Is Always 'Bzzzy' Learning!", etc.
  • Border: Colorful spring themed trimmer.
  • Decoration: 1) The Tree. Draw and cut, or trace and cut, a large tree shape from brown bulletin board paper. [We searched for "curly tree clip art" and found a lot of options that could be enlarged and traced using your classroom projector system if you don't feel comfortable drawing your own.] Add white paper blossoms to the tree branches. We suggest finding a template or black and white clip art image online that can be printed directly onto the paper, cut out, and arranged on the board. There are tons of options out there; Spring Flower Template and Bulletin Board IdeaAnd if you don't feel like cutting the flower centers from construction paper, use a marker to draw and color them in! 2) The Bee Hive. How cute is that hive cutout?! We suggest finding a black and white clip art image of a beehive, enlarging it, and printing it directly onto both gold and light brown construction paper. You can then cut the pieces apart and assemble the hive, creating the stripes with alternating colors. Use a permanent marker to color in the entrance to the hive, or cut an oval from black construction paper and glue it on. 3) The Bees. Freehand the bee cutouts or, again, find a black and white clip art image online that you can enlarge and print onto yellow paper. 4) The Flowers. Add some color to the board with a flower 'garden'. You can simply use one of the templates found to create flower shapes or, if you have time, you might consider creating flowers that 'pop'! Silk flowers, cupcake liner flowers, tissue paper flowers - the possibilities are endless!
    Spring Flower Crafts and Bulletin Board Idea
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