We're all a-'Twitter' about books! - Reading Bulletin Board

Social Media and Technology Back To School Bulletin Board Idea for Middle and High School
Photo © Kristi Hazelrigg, Flickr

This social media themed bulletin board created by library media specialist, Kristi Hazelrigg, is super adorable and would make a fabulously fun addition to any upper level learning environment! Not only does it look amazing, we love that Kristi's design was interactive, featuring tweets/clues about different children's books which students were invited to use to guess each book title. Featuring tweets that incorporate definitions, math problems, or even simple questions, the board doubles as a fun beginning of the year/icebreaker activity that will help you assess how much your students remember/know about the subject matter to be covered during the year.

We're all a-'Twitter' about books!

  • Background: Blue bulletin board paper.
  • Title: Varies depending upon your needs!
  • Border: Complimentary colorful patterned trimmer.
  • Decoration: 1) The Birds. Find a simple bird pattern {we used the search term 'bird pattern' in Google and found several viable options}, using it to trace and cut bird bodies and wings from construction paper and/or scrapbook paper in assorted colors and patterns. For visual interest, create several sizes and, when assembling the birds, use different color combinations to make each cutout pop. Arrange the cutouts around the bulletin board. We love how Kristi created 'power lines' at the top of the board to set some of the birds on! We're not sure exactly how she created them, but we imagine you could draw them on with a black permanent marker or glue pieces of black ribbon to the paper as well. 2) The Tweets. Use word processing software to type each 'tweet' in a speech bubble. Again, for visual interest, create speech bubbles of various sizes and shapes. Print and cut the bubbles, attaching them to the board by each bird cutout.

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