Welcome To Our Room! - Back-To-School Door Display

Kindergarten and Elementary Back To School Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: rainbowswithinreach.blogspot.com

How cute is this simple handprint wreath door display from Debbie over at Rainbows Within Reach? We think it's a lovely way to reinforce the concept of community in the classroom and love that it doubles as a colorful {kid-created!} decoration to kick off the new school year! Easy peasy, right?!

Welcome To Our Room

Set up a handprinting station during your back-to-school open house or 'meet the teacher' night - providing shallow dishes of white craft paint, paint brushes, and squares of colorful construction paper. With the help of their parents, invite your new students to write their name on the back of the chosen piece of paper, then use the paint brush to coat their hand in paint and press a handprint to the front of the paper.

Later, when the prints have dried, re-label the handprints with a black permanent marker and cut them out. The last step is to arrange and glue the cutouts into the shape of a wreath and attach it to your door!

To tie everything together, you might consider covering the door with colorful bulletin board paper and adding a border. We love how Debbie used magnet letters to spell out the title "Welcome To The Team!", "Welcome To Our Room", etc. - but you could also use simple bulletin board letters as well.

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