Today's Learning Forecast... - Weather Themed Back-To-School Board

Weather Back To School Bulletin Board Idea
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Perfect for a weather unit or weather themed classroom, this colorful classroom poster created by Krissy Venosdale of Venspired Learning really caught our eye and we thought it would make a great addition to any upper elementary or middle school classroom! Available in poster format for download from Krissy's Flickrstream, we also think this could be turned into a bulletin board!

Forecast For Learning

  • Background: Cover the entire board with black bulletin board paper. Cut five large rounded rectangles from white bulletin board paper arranging them side by side on the bulletin board.
  • Title: "What Is Today's Forecast For Learning?" - We love how Krissy used the title to add color to the poster. To get a similar look, you might consider adding strips of orange and purple bulletin board paper across the top of the board and using letters in contrasting colors.
  • Border: None needed.
  • Decoration:1) The Forecast. Use word processing software to create the forecast posters - i.e. "100% Change for Creativity", "100% Change for Problem Solving", etc. - printing the completed designs onto white printer paper and attaching one printed sheet to the bottom of each of the five white rectangles. [NOTE: You might also try using letter stickers, but we think you'll get a cleaner look with computer generated 'posters'.] Find colorful clip art online to a) print, cut, and add to the board, or b) enlarge, trace, and paint onto the background paper. You'll need...
    • A sunburst
    • A speech/thought bubble
    • Gears
    • Hands
    • A magnifying glass
    2) The TV Logo. We love how Krissy added a colorful accent strip at the bottom of the poster, creating a television logo/channel number to go along with the 'weather forecast' theme. You might consider using colored bulletin board paper scraps to create something similar.