Toaster-Themed Welcome Bulletin Board Idea

Welcome Back to School Preschool Toaster Classroom Management Bulletin Board

While your back-to-school themed decorations are probably safely tucked away in storage boxes for next year, it's always a good idea to keep an "Inspiration" folder full of new ideas for the years to come. McKinley Early Childhood preschool teacher and creator of this "tasty" bulletin board, starts the school year off right with a unit on nutrition and the importance of keeping our bodies healthy and strong, designing her back-to-school boards to compliment this important theme. Reminding students to eat a healthy breakfast for sharp morning minds, this toaster welcome board is always a hit!

Toaster Welcome Board Crafts

During her first lesson on how students can prepare for preschool each morning, Ms. Keisha has her students cut out and color a piece of toast. While you could certainly use crayons, here are some other fun ways to complete this craft!

  • Pour washable brown finger paint into shallow bowls and invite your students to color away!
  • Use actual slices of bread to "sponge" paint the toast cutouts.
  • Give students shallow bowls of breakfast cereal and washable school glue like Elmer's, inviting students to collage the toast cutouts.
  • Provide your student with magazine cutouts of healthy breakfast foods and have students paste their favorite breakfast onto their cutout (if they can't find their favorites, invite them to use graphic art tools to draw the meal).
  • Invite students to use glue and brown sugar to create a fun, sensory experience and exciting piece of toast.

Toaster Welcome Bulletin Board

  • Background: Yellow bulletin board paper (or another vibrant color).
  • Title: "Preschoolers Are Popping Up Everywhere!" or "Look Who Popped Into Preschool".
  • Border: Complimentary solid trimmer or a colorful themed-trimmer (e.g. colorful hands border, fruit or vegetable bordette, health/fitness trimmer, etc.).
  • Decoration: 1) The Toaster. Tape several pieces of gray construction paper together and use an overhead projector to enlarge and trace the shape of a toaster onto the paper. If you don’t want to mess with a projector, you can also freehand it. It isn’t terribly difficult. 2) The Toast. Use your students' crafts. Be sure to add their name (on the craft or beside it on the board) and a picture that they bring in from home or take in class.

While this was originally used as a welcome board, you might also consider making a smaller version to use as an attendance board where students put up and remove their piece of toast each day as they check in and out.

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