The "Playlist" For A Great Year! - Music Themed Back to School Bulletin Board Idea

Elementary and Middle School Back to School Bulletin Board Idea

Music players...where pop culture/tech meets cute classroom decor! Who knew?! Not only is this design super colorful and inviting, with a theme your tech-savvy students are sure to recognize, we thought this was a great back to school motif for elementary and even middle school classrooms.

Music Player Back to School Bulletin Board

  • Background:Black bulletin board paper.
  • Title:"__________ [Third Grade, Language Arts, etc.] Playlist!"
  • Border:Brightly colored pattern trimmer.
  • Decoration:Cut rounded rectangles from brightly colored scraps of bulletin board paper, construction paper, etc. These will be the 'base' of the music players. From pastel paper {in the same color lines as used before}, cut rounded squares to mount onto the rectangles to create the music player 'screen'. Script or create typed labels of the various subjects, topics, etc. to be studied throughout the school year. Add a label to each music player screen. [NOTE: For added fun, attach old pairs of ear buds/headphones to the music players or around the bulletin board!]

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