"The Ants Come Marching Back to School..." Bulletin Board Idea

Back to School Picnic-Themed Bulletin Board
Contest Submission

Welcome your students back to school with an inviting and colorful bulletin board display. This picnic-themed idea was submitted for a bulletin board contest last year and would be perfect for your school's entryway or lobby! Cute little ants are used in the example to point students to their new grades.

"The Ants Come Marching Back to School..."

  • Background: Yellow bulletin board paper
  • Border: No border is necessary, but if your board is a little worse for wear you could always use a trimmer in a coordinating color (maybe red and white checked)
  • Title: "The ants come marching back to school...HOORAH! HOORAH!"
  • Decoration: 1) Ants - Find an ant clip art image online you can use for tracing onto black construction paper. Cut the ants out and add the faces with a white marker or chalk. Be sure to add a red arrow above each ant with the appropriate grade (if you're planning to use as directions). 2) Watermelon - Create several slices of watermelon using pink, green and light green construction paper. Don't forget the little black seeds! 3) Announcements - Use the bottom of the board for important announcements. 4) Squares - Complete the board by cutting different sized squares from red, white, green and black construction paper. Place around the board in the corners, around the announcements and along the edges as colorful accents.

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