Thanks For All You 'Dew'! - Teacher Appreciation Bulletin Board

Teacher appreciation week will soon be upon us and, if you are looking to show your thanks with a colorful display, we’ve been collecting fun, vibrant, and unique bulletin boards to share!

Teacher Appreciation Bulletin Board
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If you're stuck on a theme for your teacher appreciation board, might we suggest drawing from the teacher's own interests. Coffee/Starbucks, candy, reading, movies, or even Mountain Dew - like this awesome bulletin board from Room Mom 101! If you have a Mountain Dew enthusiast in your school, the three-dimensional effect of this display is quite fantastic and we're certain that the design would be a huge hit!

Thanks For All You 'Dew'!

  • Background: White bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "Thanks For All You Dew!"
  • Border: None needed. However, if you wish to add a finishing touch, you might consider a scalloped silver border.
  • Decoration: Create the three-dimensional Mountain Dew can by bending a piece of white poster board to form an arch and attaching it to a second piece of poster board to create a sturdy backing for the can. Use a pencil to draw the design on the can, then metallic silver, lime green, green, and red craft paint to fill it in. Roll a piece of red poster board to create the straw, adding it to the top of the can shape, then fill in the rest of the space with lime green tissue paper to create the soda!

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