Thanks A 'Latte' - Teacher Appreciation Door

By kayla
Elementary Teacher Appreciation Bulletin Board
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Sweet Craft Cakes shared this adorable teacher appreciation door several years ago and we think it would be an fun way to say thank you to all those coffee-loving teachers out there!

Thanks A 'Latte'!

  • Background: Natural butcher paper.
  • Title:"Thanks A 'Latte'!" - We love how the original creators glued actual coffee beans to their lettering!
    Elementary Teacher Appreciation Bulletin Board
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  • Border: Aqua trimmer. You might also consider using green to go with a 'Starbuck's theme' if you know your child's teacher is a fan!
  • Decoration: Cut coffee mugs from patterned scrapbook paper, adding saucers if desired. You might also consider having students design "the perfect coffee mug" for their teacher, describing why they designed it that way, and add a photo of themselves on or beside the mug. If you know your child's teacher is a coffee 'addict', you might also have students answer a cutesy/funny prompt like, "If Mrs. Nelson didn't have coffee every morning, she might accidentally _________________ [lecture in pig latin, put her shoes on the wrong feet, take the class to art instead of gym, etc.] - but we'd still love her anyway!" Add colorful flower cutouts, packets of instant coffee {these can be part used as part of a teacher appreciation gift!}, coffee sleeves collected from the local coffee shop, and other coffee paraphernalia!

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