"Thank You For Answering The Call..." Veterans Day Bulletin Board Idea

Veterans Day Eagle and Flag Bulletin Board Idea

A big thank you to one of our talented Facebook fans for sending in this beautiful Veterans Day bulletin board! We love the dramatic eagle and flag element and the 'stars of thanks', created by students, not only compliment the design, but make the display more personal and meaningful!

Thank You For Answering The Call...

The focal point of the original design was created using this clip art image from CrazyWebsite.com.

Patriotic Eagle and Flag Clip Art Image

To replicate the design, we suggest using your classroom projector system to enlarge and trace the image onto bulletin board paper. We recommend tracing the entire image onto a piece of white background paper, then work from there to trace specific elements (i.e. the strips on the flag, the body of the eagle, etc.) onto appropriately colored background paper. When finished, the colored elements can be cut out and attached to the white paper to create the full image.

Stars of Thanks

The eagle/flag element will go in the center of your bulletin board and the surrounding can then be filled in with 'stars of thanks' - i.e. decorated star cutouts displaying messages of thanks from the students. To do this, simply print star templates onto white card stock and let your students have at them with graphic art tools!